This is very funny, but I still occasionally come across discussions in which the lack of a quick screen lock in macOS is discussed. In fact, there is a lock on the screen. You just need to adjust it a bit.

Departing from the computer, many often turn it off or send it to sleep, instead of just blocking it. In the long run, such treatment can damage hard and SSD disks, for which every full sleep sleep is a burden.

In this article, I will tell you how to quickly block a computer running macOS without taking it to sleep.


The fastest way to lock the screen is a quick keyboard shortcut. But in order not to just turn off the display, but to fully lock the computer, you must first change the default system settings.

For this you need:

  • Open “System Preferences” -> “Security & Privacy”;
  • Choose “General”;
  • Put a tick in front of the item “Request a password” In the drop-down menu, select “immediately” or another interval at your discretion;
  • Lock the screen with the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “Eject” or “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “Power”.

This key combination locks the computer screen, but does not send it to sleep. This means that all background tasks continue to work.

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If you need to put the computer into sleep mode, then for this you need to use the key combination:

  • “Command” + “Option” + “Eject” (for device with DVD-drive) or “Command” + “Option” + “Power” (without).

New MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

One of the features of the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is the “Power” button, so the classic keyboard shortcut cannot be used to lock the display. The Touch Bar will come to the rescue, for which there is a special lock button.

You can find it here:

  • “System Preferences” -> “Keyboard” -> “Touch Bar Setup”.

Display Settings

The macOS interface allows you to customize the angles of the display for quick action. One such action could be putting the monitor into sleep mode, which will automatically cause the computer to lock.

This can be configured as follows:

  • “System Preferences” -> “Desktop & Screen Saver”;
  • Choose “Hot Corners”;
  • Specify the desired angle and in the drop-down menu select “Lock Screen or Put the monitor into sleep mode“;
  • Click “OK”.

Now, when you hold the mouse cursor in the selected corner, the computer automatically turns off the display and locks.


If you are working in an office or other place where other people can get access to your computer, it is useful not to forget about locking the computer. This is a simple but reliable way to protect your data from falling into the wrong hands.

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