Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world, but it devours the computer’s RAM as if it were infinite. Why does Google Chrome do this and, most importantly, what can the user oppose to him, besides knocking his fist on the table and throwing heavy objects at the monitor?

The reason that Chrome can easily swallow a couple of gigabytes of memory and not to wince is that in 2019 many different expensive things happen in the browser window:

  • We work with sites that are more complex than other programs;
  • We watch a rather “heavy” video (and often leave it “hanging”, so that we can watch it again later);
  • We play games. All this requires a bit of RAM, and the amount is not so little.

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Add to this the fact that Chrome for the convenience of the user often tries to load in the background those resources that are not yet requested, but which, he believes, will be requested – and it turns out that a modern browser is pretty voracious in terms of resources . And, of course, not without reason – the year 2019 and simple HTML pages are gone forever.

How to Close a Tabs in Chrome with Task Manager

For people who use Google Chrome with pleasure, there is one very interesting feature: there is a task manager in the browser as in the operating system. It is designed to remove from memory the hung Internet pages (sites) or to remove hung and taking up a lot of RAM, plug-ins, or force close tabs

In order to start the Google Chrome Task Manager we need:

  • Open Google Chrome;
  • Click on “Menu” in the top-right corner of the Browser;
  • Select “More Tools” and choose “Task Manager”;
  • As a result, a window with tasks will appear;
  • Identify which process or “Tab” is taking high CPU resources;
  • Right-click on it and select “End Process”(stop and unload this or that selected process from memory) or use the “Button”.

In this window, you can sort running tasks by name, by the amount of RAM used and by CPU time, as well as by how the page or plugin is accessing the network. When you right-click in the task manager window, you can add fields by which it is later possible to sort the running processes.


In Google Chrome, as in any self-respecting tool, there are lots of useful features that save time and system resources and make you more productive. That is why everyone should know if not all, then at least the main ones.

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