In the iOS mobile operating system, there is an option to invert colors. It allows you to change the displayed colors to the opposite, for example, black portions of the screen turn white and vice versa. This display of colors increases the contrast of the picture, which simplifies the use of the phone for users with visual impairments. In this article, we will talk about how to turn color inversion on or off on an iPhone or iPad.

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How Do You Invert Colors on iPhone and iPad?

In order to invert iPhone colors do next moves:

  • Open the Settings application;
  • Next, open the “Accessibility” subsection;
  • Next go to the “Display & Text Size” subsection, which is
  • located in the “Vision” block;
  • After that, open “Color Invert” and select one of two options: Smart Invert or Classic Invert.

Note: To invert iPad colors do the same guidelines.


Classical inversion performs a complete inversion of all colors on the screen. And smart inversion skips interface elements that use dark colors styles. Also, smart inversion does not change the color of images and videos.

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