At first glance, the native Preview app for Mac is a simple application for viewing images and nothing more. In fact, the Preview contains many interesting functions that many do not notice. One of them will be discussed in this article. In this article we check how to invert image colors via your Mac Preview application.

Invert Colors

Sometimes it is necessary to quickly invert the color of images on a computer where no special programs are installed.

If this computer is a Mac, you’re really lucky! The thing is that the standard View program on macOS, contrary to its name, is suitable not only for viewing images. Only not everyone knows about it. 

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Invert Colors on Mac via Preview

Invert is an operation that makes the final color channel value inverse or opposite to the original value.

This function may be needed by people who work with vector graphics, but sometimes it is convenient to use it in everyday tasks such as quickly flipping a monochrome image, etc.

It is very easy to invert the image on the Mac using the native Preview application:

  • Open files you want to invert in the Preview app on Mac;
  • Select the “Tools” menu, and then “Adjust Color”;
How to Invert Colors in Preview on Mac?
  • Drag the White Point slider in the opposite direction, and Black Point in the opposite;
How to Invert Colors in Preview on Mac?
  • When the colors have changed, save the necessary values.
How to Invert Colors in Preview on Mac?


Almost all users who migrated from Windows to macOS are perplexed at the standard options for viewing photos, but tell me, can the functionality of the application that comes in the base set cover all professional needs? To do this, there is a more complex program package for Adobe, etc., but for now, you should thank the developers from Cupertino for such a convenient application as Preview.

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