This article describes how to update Mac software without any problems and install macOS Catalina, the latest version of the operating system for Mac computers.

Compatibility Check

I want to note that in the first place you should be puzzled by the compatibility of your device. The fact is that Apple is limiting the support of its products to one another because of the compatibility of devices with some software features and innovations. In any case, they determine it this way… In this article, I will give an example of compatibility regarding the most current version of macOS Catalina. If you need data on other versions of macOS, then feel free to search this information on Apple official support website.

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macOS Catalina Software Update for Mac

macOS Catalina can be installed on one of the following computers running OS X Mavericks or later. Your Mac must also have at least 4GB of RAM memory and 12.5 GB of free disk space, or up to 18.5 GB of free space when upgrading from OS X Yosemite or earlier.

Supported devices list:

  • MacBooks released in 2015 or later;
  • MacBook Air Released in 2012 or later;
  • MacBook Pros released in 2012 or later;
  • Mac mini released in 2012 or later;
  • iMacs released in 2012 or later;
  • iMac Pro;
  • Mac Pros released in 2013 or later.

Update Mac Software

macOS Catalina (or earlier versions) update notifications will appear after installing this version of the OS on a computer. You can also check for updates and install them manually this way: 

  • Select Apple -> System Preferences;
  • Then click Software Update;
How to Install Updates on Mac?
  • After checking for updates tap on “Update Now”.
How to Install Updates on Mac?


Apple recommends, in order to ensure maximum data security and get the latest features, upgrade your OS to macOS Catalina. If the hardware or software is not compatible with Catalina, you may be able to install an earlier version of macOS, such as Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, or El Capitan.

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