Users of Apple equipment – iPhones and iPads, have personally witnessed one big drawback – the iOS operating system blocks access to the file system. Because of this, it becomes impossible to connect the device to a computer in flash drive mode, copy files, install a third-party application, and much more. In fact, Apple severely restricts the user’s rights, taking care of his security and his secrets.

Installing Jailbreak is the removal of such restrictions. Although Apple does not approve of this and even deprives guarantees for it, but this action in itself is not illegal. After all, each user has the right to have access to their own files on their own device. Yes, and when updating the system, all traces of such hacking disappear, so you can not worry about the guarantee. But there are many other negative consequences of such actions, therefore, before you decide on a Jailbreak, think carefully. You can turn your expensive smartphone into a “brick” and disrupt the stable operation of some programs and the system as a whole.


The risk of catching a malicious program becomes great – nothing will prevent it from installing, digging into service files and transferring it to the side or even destroying it.

That is why I and the entire project do not support such methods and we strongly do not recommend using these solutions.

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But if you are still confident in your abilities and firmly decided, then in this article you will find everything you need to install Jailbreak for iOS 12.

iOS 12 protection from Jailbreak

With each version of the operating system, developers add new ways to deal with the Jailbreak. But, closing up some holes in vulnerability, create new ones. Yes, and hackers skillfully use any opportunity to take control and install their application, which will perform the jailbreak and remove restrictions.

In iOS 12, as usual, they added more tools to combat hackers:

  • CoreTrust system verifies Apple’s signatures, not missing fakes;
  • The A12 processor uses wm_map_exec_lockdown protection, designed to control the legality of running applications.

However, the expectations of the developers did not come true – iOS was hacked and special programs were soon written that opened up hidden features. Updates are trying to close this opportunity, but this eternal war between developers and hackers can last forever.

Installing Jailbreak on iOS 12

How to Jailbreak iOS 12?

To date, there are two types of Jailbreak for this system – rootlessJB and Unc0ver. Both of them are implemented as applications, and installing Jailbreak on iOS 12 will not be a problem. But the first type does not yet support devices with an A12 processor, and both can cause problems, so you need to create a backup first. Installing rootlessJB is easy:

  • Go to the website, and in the Jailbreak section, find the rootlessJB and click the Get button. The application will start to download and install;
  • Go to “Settings” -> “General” -> “Profile”, and select “Trust China Mobile”;
  • Install any Archiver;
  • Launch rootlessJB, activate File & AM, Tweeks and click “Jailbreak”.

The device will reboot and, if the Apple logo appears after that, the operation failed and it must be redone. If Jailbreak on iOS 12 is installed successfully, a new Filza application will appear. Installing Jailbreak Unc0ver is also not difficult:

  • Also go to the site, and select this application, click “Get” -> “Install”. The application will download and start installing it;
  • Go to “Settings” -> “General” -> “Profile”, choose trust in a new profile;
  • Launch the Unc0ver application and click the “Jailbreak” button.

The device will reboot and if everything went well, the Cydia application will appear on the screen. If this application freezes at startup, you will have to repeat the whole operation again.


Remember that all changes will work until the next system update, so you can disable it. But there is a risk to introduce the device into the endless reboot mode or even turn it into a “brick”, so really assess your capabilities in case of such a situation.

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