Software developers, OEM device designers, as well as users building computers or overclocking hardware components, will probably find it very useful to keep up with the processor’s energy consumption figures. Those who find the software tools used in their work not too convenient can try using Intel Power Gadget, a small free utility for tracking system with Intel temperature monitoring for CPU in real time.

Intel Power Gadget – Utility for CPU Monitoring

This application is implemented as a desktop gadget, consisting of a set of blocks and located on top of all windows. The graphs in the utility’s floating window show the slightest changes in voltage, clock and gradient frequencies, processor temperature, percentage load and some other conditions. In our example, Intel Power Gadget provided five graphs for observation, you may have more or less.

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Install Intel Power Gadget in macOS

Installing Intel Power Gadget on a Mac is very simple, just like any other macos program, although you may encounter a Gatekeeper protection block that can cause installation problems. Here’s how to successfully install the tool on modern macOS releases:

  • Download Intel Power Gadget from Intel website for Mac;
  • Install Intel Power Gadget.pkg;
  • There is a possibility that you will see a message stating that “System installatios is blocked”;
  • To allow installation, go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy;
How to Install Intel Power Gadget on your Mac?
  • In General Section, select “Allow”;
How to Install Intel Power Gadget on your Mac?
  • After these steps, the application should install without problems;
  • When done, launch Intel Power Gadget.

If you run Intel Power Gadget while using a Mac, you may notice that processor performance may vary slightly depending on what you are doing and what applications you are using. Various processor parameters are displayed here.

How to Install Intel Power Gadget on your Mac?


I use this app regularly. Especially after replacing the components or thermal paste of the processor on my MacBook, like CPU temperature gadget monitor or system monitoring, throttling and other useful parameters that can be easily tracked. You should not demand too much from this program, by and large, everything you need is here.

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