The official client of the iCloud cloud service for Windows allows you to safely store photos and videos in iCloud. Using the application, users can view images, videos and other content on iOS devices.

Access Data on Any Device

After downloading and setting up iCloud on a Windows computer, photos, videos, mail data, files and bookmarks will be available on all your devices. If you need help, check out out-of-the-box solutions to common problems or read more about iCloud for Windows.

Install and Configure iCloud for Windows

Before installing iCloud for Windows, you need to configure iCloud to work on all your Apple gadgets. After this is done, follow the guide:

  • Download iCloud for Windows;
  • Installation should start automatically, if this did not happen, open Explorer -> Downloads -> iCloud installer;
  • After the installation is complete, restart the computer;
  • Make sure iCloud for Windows starts when Windows starts. If it does not open automatically, in the “Start” menu open “Applications” or “Programs” -> “iCloud for Windows.”;
  • Then enter your Apple ID to access iCloud.


If you care about updates, then Apple has provided the ability to update the iCloud client for Windows. Available updates can be checked using Apple Software Update.

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