With Apple’s Boot Camp, you can boot your Mac natively into Microsoft Windows, without running two operating systems at the same time. This is largely useful for programs that do not work in Parallels virtual machines or in VMWare Fusion.

Preparing to Install Boot Camp

  • Make sure that all updates from Apple are installed;
  • Go to the Boot Camp support page to see if there are updates for your model,
  • Download and install if necessary;
  • In the Apple menu, open Software Update and install all system updates;
  • Be sure you have latest backup of your system!

Installing Boot Camp

  • Launch Boot Camp Assistant (for X 10.6 or later);
  • Close all open applications;
  • Click Continue to start the installation;
How to Install Boot Camp and Install Windows 10 on Mac?
  • If necessary, select “Create a Windows 10 or later install disk” & “Install Windows 10 or later version”;
  • If necessary, enter the administrator password to start downloading the software.
How to Install Boot Camp and Install Windows 10 on Mac?

Hard Disk Partition

Once the software download has finished, the Assistant will offer to create a Windows partition on the hard drive. It will be necessary to indicate how much free space will be allocated to this section. Installing Windows 7, 8 or 10 on a Mac requires at least 16 GB of free space.

How to Install Windows 10 on Mac?

  • Insert the Windows installation disc or flash-media;
  • Click the “Start Installation” button, after which the computer will reboot and start the Windows installation;
  • Follow the instructions in the Windows Setup Wizard;
  • On the screen asking “where do you want to install Windows?”;
  • Select the BOOT CAMP section;
  • Then select Disk Options and format the disk. It’s better not to touch other settings.

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How to Install Windows on Mac Drivers?

Once Windows is installed, you must install the drivers that were downloaded earlier, so that all the hardware works correctly in Windows:

  • Remove the Windows installation disc;
  • Insert a flash drive or disk to which drivers for Windows were previously written;
  • Open the contents for viewing and in the Boot Camp folder double-click the setup.exe file to install the drivers;
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Do not cancel the installation!;
  • After the installation is complete, restart your Mac.

Choosing an Operating System to Run

Now on your Mac both Windows and macOS (Mac OS X) are installed, and at boot you can choose which operating system to use:

  • Holding down the Option key while turning on the computer, the system will offer you the choice of loading;
  • Choose macOS or Windows boot disk.
How to Install Boot Camp and Install Windows 10 on Mac?

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