Starting with macOS Mojave, Apple has added dynamic animated (“live”) wallpapers to the desktop operating system that can automatically change throughout the day. In this article we will see how to activate that new feature!

Moving Wallpapers for your Mac

It is noteworthy that, depending on the time of day, the time of day on the wallpaper also changes. For example, at noon on the screen of your Mac you will see the Mojave Desert (the new desktop OS from Apple owes its name to it) as it actually looks at this time of day.

By evening, the sky over the desert will become darker, marking the approach of night. The change of time of day on the wallpaper occurs gradually, in accordance with the change of day and night in real life, and with every glance at the screen you will notice minor changes.

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In order for the image to change in accordance with the time of day where you live, the OS uses data about your location. Therefore, if you want to activate live wallpapers, do not turn off geolocation services.

Turn On the Moving Background on the Mac

  • Open System Preferences -> Desktop and Screen Saver;
How to Install Animated Wallpapers for Mac?
  • Select Desktop section;
  • In the drop-down menu under the corresponding image, activate the “Dynamic” option.
How to Install Animated Wallpapers for Mac?


There are currently two wallpapers for macOS Mojave, suitable for both light and dark mode. You can choose the image of either the Mojave desert or the sky illuminated by the sun, changing its color from pale blue during the day to dark blue at night.

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