macOS has a built-in PDF editor, which is mainly used to view documents and it’s name is “Preview”. Unlike other editors, Apple’s solution does not support a large number of functions and is not suitable for editing text, but with its help you can make notes in a document, add a shape or annotation. But beyond that, you can increase the contrast or sharpen the text by darkening the characters. This is what the discussion in today’s article will be about.

Microsoft’s policy is to pay for Windows and every tool for creating and editing such popular documents in * .pdf format. We don’t like them for that, unlike Apple, which embeds the appropriate options in macOS at no cost. And, opening the file in the Preview, do not be deceived – this program can do a lot more than is hidden in its name.

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Increase the Contrast of a PDF to Sharpen & Darken Text

This works with all versions of Preview in all versions of macOS and OS X:

  • Open the PDF file with “Preview”;
  • Click the “File” menu and choose “Export”;
  • In drop-down menu find “Quartz Filter” section;
  • Choose “Lightness Decrease”;
  • Just “Save” file and “Open” it again.


Personal opinion, if it is sound, has the right to be reflected – for this purpose, the View was provided with a set of useful tools for creating all sorts of annotations.

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  1. Warren Jones Reply

    You did it! I had already darkened the text a bit using another technique, but your method REALLY DID IT. I started with a magazine article from the 30s that I couldn’t really read, but I now have what I would I call a normal and completely . satisfactory article. It’s good enough to post, which I am now going to do.

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