Apple is trying to cover the maximum number of users, for people with vision problems a number of additional settings are provided in the system. And this is convenient not only for older users or for people with low vision, but also for any user, since the enlarged font of the iPhone is much easier to select.

In this article I will tell you how to increase font size on iPhone!

Change Font Size on iPhone

So, in short, the text can be made larger and better read for a long time, but for this you will need to restart the iPhone, or if necessary, quickly increase it in 10 seconds without any reboots.

To increase the font size in applications, do the following:

  • Go to Settings -> Display and Brightness -> Text Size;
How to Increase Font Size on iPhone?
  • Using the slider at the bottom, set a comfortable font size;
How to Increase Font Size on iPhone?
  • In addition, you can also turn on the Bold option, it will help to make the text more contrast without increasing its size.

How to do this is described in detail in this article: How to Make Text Bold on iPhone?

Safari Font Size

All functions to increase text size affect including Safari Browser. So if you want to increase the text in your browser, just follow the steps described in this article ahead.


After rebooting, most standard and most third-party applications will work with the resized font.

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