The iOS 10 mobile operating system has brought many hidden features and chips to the iOS world. Despite the fact that the OS was presented at WWDC back in 2016, many users are still not aware of many functions of the system. I continue to acquaint you with the most interesting of them. In this article, how to write beautiful message on iPhone with a handwrite method.

iPhone Handwriting

This feature will work on any iPhone with iOS 10 on board. Only in this version of the system can hand-written messages be sent. Owners of any devices can get them. On devices with previous firmware versions, messages will come in the form of a picture.

You can try to send such a record to your mobile number. If an iPhone profile is configured on the iPhone, the picture will be transferred.

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How to Write Messages on iPhone with a Handwrite?

You do not need to configure anything additionally, the main thing is to make sure that the screen orientation lock is disabled on the device in the Control Center.

Now, while writing a message, just flip the iPhone and get into handwriting mode. To switch to a regular keyboard, use the button in the lower right corner.

Below you find the easiest way how to draw in text messages:

  • Open Messages;
  • Rotate your phone in horizontal position;
  • Tap on sqiggle in the rigth bottom conner;
How to Handwrite on iPhone?
  • Write any scribbles, drawing from the heart or use predefined templates;
How to Handwrite on iPhone?
  • After switching to a regular keyboard, you can return to handwriting by pressing the button only in landscape orientation;
  • All that remains to be done is to press Send, so that your masterpiece is delivered to the addressee.
How to Handwrite on iPhone?


Now your messages will be definitely remembered by the interlocutors for their originality.

How to Handwrite on iPhone?

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