Siri’s virtual assistant will offer Apple gadget users a large number of innovations and new features, but despite this, users still regard the voice assistant as a useless function. In this article I will try to convince you. Today we will teach how to make Siri read text from the screen of our iPhone or iPad.

Recently on I published instructions on various communication tricks and tweaks Siri in iOS 12, with which you can automate the routine processes on the iPhone.

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How to Make Siri Read Text?

  • In order to quickly set up the screen reader, ask Siri: “Hey, Siri speak screen!”;
  • If this function is disabled on the device, the assistant will politely suggest that you enable this function in the settings menu;
How to Get Siri to Read Text on Screen?
  • Click on the button proposed by Siri;
  • Turn on the slider opposite to Speak Screen;
How to Get Siri to Read Text on Screen?
  • Now, when the enable function, open any application – browser, notes, reader, mail – and swipe with two fingers from the top of the screen down, or ask again “Hey, Siri speak screen!”;
  • A special panel will appear on the screen, with the help of which you can control the process of reading the Text reading – pause, rewind and fast forward, speed up or slow down the speed of speech. While reading, the iPhone screen does not have to be turned on, Siri will continue to mutter with the display turned off.
How to Get Siri to Read Text on Screen?

You can adjust the tonality and speed of reading – quickly as in advertising on the radio or slowly as in car assistants. Or you can even teach Siri to read any article on completely. It’s damn convenient.


I advise you to open the page in reading mode in the browser so that only the desired text remains on the screen. Otherwise, Siri will read everything.

If you also know about any interesting Siri tricks, please write us about it in the comments!


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