Millions depend on Google Maps for directions, and it’s easy to see why. The app comes with many features, such as offline navigation, location sharing, and more.

However, Google is far from perfection and is constantly improving its navigation application to make it even more efficient and safe to use.

The desired feature currently available is provided by integration with the Google Assistant, which provides rich voice control features for Google Maps. The benefits of this new functionality for the spreadsheet are obvious, but most impressive, you don’t have to install Google Assistant to use this feature.

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Speak Directions

In what situations is it convenient to use voice control? For example, when you want to go by the usual route, which you have made to your favorites, let’s say “Home”, “To work”, “To the country”. Say “go home”, “to the college” or “route to work”, the program will understand what kind of address you have in mind and build a route. Or, when you are looking for a specific object or route to a specific address or organization, that is, “Paerdegat Ave North. Brooklyn, NY 15” or “route to the Liberty State Park”.

Features of Google Maps for iPhone and iPad:

  • View the map in full screen mode (it starts if you touch an empty spot on the map);
  • Maps will color traffic jams;
  • Search for restaurants or other city monuments;
  • Voice commands for finding a route;
  • Click on the microphone icon, say “get directions,” and name the place.


The Google Maps interface is divided into layers and visualized in a 3D scene, taking into account the light source, the correct perspective and realistic shadows. The company paid attention to animation: almost every action, including touching the screen, is accompanied by smooth visual effects.

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