And so from the name it’s already clear that in this article I will try to answer the question: “How to restore a damaged archive?”. I want to immediately note that not everyone will be able to recover, so there is no particular need to harbor illusions – it does not always work out.

What is Archiving?

Data archiving is file compression using special algorithms. Archive – a container containing packed files.

Why Do I Need to Compress Files?

Space saving. Archiving allows you to compress digital data tens and hundreds of times without loss of quality. By the way, archiving does not always involve compression,

for comfort. If you transfer files over the Internet, it is inconvenient to download the entire folder, with all its contents. Imagine how you will transfer hundreds of file attachments;

How to Fix Zip Archive Corruption?

Long file storage. Backups are often stored in zip/rar archives: not only because it is more economical, but because of the convenience of the structure: 1 file – 1 backup.

Archive Issues

In addition to convenience, there are a number of problems that can be encountered using archives. Sometimes the problems associated with are: zip file is corrupt, end of central directory signature not found or unzip command not found, etc., there are too many of them to list them all.

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The First Way. Where is the Archive from?

First of all, you should establish where the archive on your device came from? If you downloaded the file from the Internet, then the problem could arise during the transmission of packets over the network or other network difficulties. In this case, you should try to download the archive again. If the problem persists, look further at what can be done.

The Second Way. Recovery Using Archiver

Recovery of the damaged file by the archiver by which you created the archive. Almost every archiver has high-quality tools for recovering damaged archives. Should be carefully searched.

The Third Way. Alternate Archiver

Use the analog archiver, the encoding of the archive or some other reasons may not correspond.

How to Fix Zip Archive Corruption?

Way Four. Integrity

If you have a composite archive of several parts, then make sure that all parts of the archive are there.

Five Way. Terminal

You can try to restore the archive through the terminal. Open the Terminal and using the command below redo it for your files and paths:

zip -FF --out | unzip


Archiving systems have become the de facto standard in modern computer technologies, and we should solve the problems associated with data archiving with knowledge.

Who knows any other ways – please, describe in the comments.


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