Nowadays, connecting to wireless networks is largely obligatory, especially now, when most Apple computers and Apple gadgets are only equipped with Wi-Fi modules and do not have a wired connection to the network, it is for this reason that proper work with Wi-Fi is a priority. Most often, all connection problems with the Wi-Fi dot end with the error “A connection timeout occurred” or “Failed to join network – a connection timeout occurred” or when your Mac tries to automatically establish a connection to the Wi-Fi point and it fails.

If you still encounter such problems, here are a few solutions.

Troubleshooting described in this article applies to almost any version of macOS and older versions of OS X.

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Note: This manual there are items related to the removal of network settings, as a rule, for troubleshooting, you will most likely have to use options such as DHCP or TCP/IP.

How to Fix Problems with “A connection timeout occurred” on your Mac?

  • Turn off the Wi-Fi connection from the bar menu;
  • Remove any Thunderbolt or USB connected to the computer;
  • Create a folder for backup Wi-Fi settings on the desktop or in any place convenient for you;
  • Open Finder, then press “Command” + “Shift” + “G” and type in Library/ Preferences/SystemConfiguration/;
  • In this directory, copy the following files to the folder we created for the file backup:
  • Then in the folder “SystemConfiguration” delete the files that we previously copied to the reserve;
  • Reboot the Mac;
  • After restarting the computer, enable Wi-Fi in the network connection menu;
  • Add a new connection using the “+” icon at the bottom of the menu on the left, select the name for the new network in the menu and select “Done”;
  • Now set the authentication and login parameters for the Wi-Fi point and in the future everything should go without complications;
  • When everything is done, just click “Apply” and now you can safely work in the network.


When you are convinced that the Wi-Fi connection is stable and you can safely delete the folder with the backup network files without freezing. I hope this article helps you fix problems with Wi-Fi connection.

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  1. I tried this process and still have the timeout issue.

    Not all of the files listed in the example were in my System Configuration. I copied the ones that were there and then deleted them from the SC folder.

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