Many people still record videos in a vertical orientation, and this, of course, is not bad, though when playing back to the right and left of the video you can see black bars. In this material I will tell you how easy it is to convert the video to landscape orientation, or even flip it, if required iPhone Video Upside Down without using a computer.

How to Rotate a Video on iPhone?

In that case, as a flip video on the iPhone there are a few thoughts. To implement our plans, we will need the iMovie application, which will already be installed on more modern iPhone and iPad models with 64 or more gigabytes of memory on board. Otherwise, it can be downloaded from the App Store absolutely free.

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How to Flip a Video in iMovie?

With the help of iMovie, you can rotate 90, 180, 270 or 360 degrees for any type video, whether it’s 4K, or video, made in slow motion or accelerated shooting.

This is actually very simple:

  • Install the free iMovie app;
How to Fix Upside Down Video iPhone?
  • Select “+” in Project section;
How to Fix Upside Down Video iPhone?
  • Select “Movie” Pattern;
How to Fix Upside Down Video iPhone?
  • Open the video whose orientation you want to change in the Photo application;
How to Fix Upside Down Video iPhone?
  • At the bottom, select the segment that you want to rotate.
  • With two fingers flip video to right (flip video in the centre with rotate arrow);
How to Fix Upside Down Video iPhone?
  • Click “Done” when you end.


Also solve this issue will help and third-party applications, with which rotate your video on iPhone file is forcibly changed. In this case, if turning the screen of the phone is turned off, watching a video in a vertical orientation becomes problematic.

In the iTunes app store for the iPhone, there is an alternative to the standard editor iMovie – Video rotate + flip video easy. This is a free and quite easy to use program to rotate video on iPhone.

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