Thousands of people faced this problem. You have set up your POP email account, and everything seems to be in order. But despite the fact that you can receive letters, you cannot send them.

The cause of this problem is technically difficult, but I will try to explain it more simply.

How E-mail Works?

When you send a letter by regular mail, you leave it at the post office. This letter is sent to the post office of the addressee, which is located in another city, and then from there it is delivered to the address.

In a high-tech sense, the same happens with e-mail. When you send a message, it is first sent to the mail server of your Internet provider (main mail computer). Then the message is sent to the addressee’s mail server, and its mail program retrieves your message from there.

Protocols such as POP3, IMAP, SMTP are responsible for our peace of mind in mail delivery.

In this article, we will look at how to fix an email problem on an iPhone if your emails get stuck in the outbox folder.

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Check for Unsent E-mail Messages in the Outbox

A notification that the e-mail was not sent means that the message has been placed in the Outbox folder. Check outbox and try sending the email again:

  • In the Mail app, click Mailboxes in the upper left corner;
  • Select Outbox. If the Outbox does not exist, then the email has been sent.

Checking the Settings of the Mail App

On an iOS device, for many email providers, the correct account settings are automatically selected:

  • To check if this is the case, compare the settings in the Mail program and in the email account;
  • Select Settings -> Passwords and Accounts;
  • And then – select your problem email service;
How to Fix Unsent Mail on your iPhone or iPad?
  • Select SMTP profile at the bottom;
How to Fix Unsent Mail on your iPhone or iPad?
  • Click on your email address next to the Account line to view your account information, outgoing server addresses;
How to Fix Unsent Mail on your iPhone or iPad?
  • In 90% of cases, problems with the SMTP server are associated either with the absence of login parameters, or with the wrong server port;
How to Fix Unsent Mail on your iPhone or iPad?
  • Review the recommended settings for your email account using the Search for Mail Preferences tool and make sure they match yours.


As you can see, solving a problem is very specific and requires certain skills. But I hope that you will succeed.

It’s the best time to ask questions and give us your feedback in comments.


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