Today, we are with you and can not imagine a normal workflow without an internet connection, but the classic wired networks already go down in history. Of course, it is very inconvenient every time to connect a long and not the most inconspicuous wire to a MacBook, especially considering the fact that in recent models they decided to refuse the Ethernet connector. Everything is logical: the speed of modern LTE or Wi-Fi networks is enough to comfortably play even online games or watch a movie in HD directly from the Internet, what about standard web surfing or mail exchange? But to use 3G/LTE with your Mac, you also need an additional device – a modem, but the Wi-Fi module has long been built into the MacBook and iMac of all models.

In this article we will see how to deal with the error associated with the disappearance of the Wi-Fi module from your Mac. Usually this problem is accompanied by the message “Wi-Fi: No Hardware Installed”.

Wi-Fi No Hardware Installed

As a rule, Wi-Fi in Apple technology works stably, but it is simply impossible to foresee all situations in advance. What to do if at the most crucial moment your MacBook does not connect to Wi-Fi?

Most often, the MacBook does not see the wifi network for the following reasons:

  • Software issues;
  • Wi-Fi module hardware failure;
  • Damaged or disabled Wi-Fi antennas;
  • Motherboard malfunction.

Fix “Wi-Fi: No Hardware Installed” with Reset PRAM and SMC

Most often, all this can be solved by closing all applications and restarting the computer to run your Wi-Fi module again. But sometimes, you have to resort to resetting the SMC and PRAM parameters:

Reset PRAM

  • Turn off the computer;
  • Find the following keys on the keyboard: Command, Option, P and R;
  • Turn on the computer;
  • Press and hold Command + Option + P + R. You must have time to press this combination before the gray screen appears;
  • Hold the keys until the computer restarts and you hear the boot tone a second time.
How to Fix Problem “Wi-Fi: No Hardware Installed” on Mac?

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Reset SMC

  • Turn off the computer;
  • Connect the power adapter;
  • On the built-in keyboard, simultaneously press the Shift + Control + Option keys on the left side and the power button. At the same time, release all three buttons;
  • Turn on the computer.
How to Fix Problem “Wi-Fi: No Hardware Installed” on Mac?


Although you most likely will not have to reset SMC or PRAM on a regular basis, it is helpful to know what they are responsible for and how to solve problems with the computer. If your Mac behaves strangely and rebooting does not help, you know what to do! In addition, we recommend that you read this list of eight resources to solve problems with Mac computers.

Have you ever had to reset SMC and PRAM on your computer?


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