From time to time, the owners of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air complain about a problem related to the fact that a cross appears in the battery icon in the top macOS menu, and when you call the battery menu, the system reports the absence of it.

All this is usually accompanied by a loud roar of the fan and the slowdown of the laptop. Previously, it was assumed that to solve this problem it is necessary to deliver the car to a service center.

However, today I will tell you about how you can get rid of this scourge.

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In addition to the above symptoms, users also complain that the laptop refuses to go into sleep mode, and the charge indicator MagSafe turned off. The saddest thing is that even restarting the computer does not help solve the problem. But the tool is still there, and for this you will not even need to try to get inside your aluminum friend.

Fix “No Batteries Available” & Fans Running Constantly

In short, the solution is: reset the System Management Controller (SMC) settings.

Technically, the implementation of this process is very simple and extends to the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and all other Apple laptops with non-removable batteries:

  • First you need to turn off your MacBook and connect the power adapter MagSafe;
  • Make sure the computer is turned off completely;
  • After that, for 15 seconds, you must successively press and hold the Shift + Control + Option keys and the Power button;
How to Fix “No Batteries Available” & Fans Running Constantly on a MacBook?
  • Then press the Power button again to turn on the laptop.

Note: By the way, keep in mind that after resetting the SMC, all power settings in macOS will also be reset, and you will have to re-specify your preferences.


After turning on the battery should earn in normal mode: the indicator with a cross on the battery will disappear, and the fans will stop making noise.

If the problem persists, then most likely it is a question of mechanical damage, and you should really contact a specialist.

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