Why Does my Mac Screen Keep Dimming?

The first thing you should pay attention to is the System Settings. Apple expects that you will use your MacBook in isolation from the power supply, and therefore the company has provided several mechanisms to reduce battery consumption. And, since the screen is one of the main consumers of charge, these mechanisms were affected first of all.

Sleeping Mode

If during the long inactivity process the macbook screen goes out, the “problem” is in the power saving settings. By default, the system puts the computer into sleep mode after several minutes of inactivity, but you can disable this feature in the settings. It also happens when the screen goes blank on imac.

I do not recommend to refuse this function, because the sleep mode allows not only to save the battery charge, but also to save the system resource; including battery, video chip and matrix life. If you need to leave the computer with the display turned on, we recommend to pay attention to a more elegant and simple solution in the form of the Caffeine program – this application places the icon in the top control menu and allows you to block the sleep mode at any time.

Adjust Energy Saving Settings

When the Mac is not in use for some time, macOS can automatically disable unused features. When the computer needs to perform a task, the related components are reconnected.

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Settings related to energy consumption can be adjusted in the “Energy Saving” area of ​​the “System Settings” window:

  • Open “Apple” menu -> “System Preferences”;
  • Click “Energy Saving”;
  • Go to “Battery” tab;
  • Here you can see the deselect “Slightly dim the display while on battery”;
  • Repeat the same actions in “Display” tab;
  • Close  “System Preferences”.


Apple is very sensitive to the quality of the components in their products and this also applies to batteries. The autonomy of the MacBooks is much longer than that of other laptops, however, over time, it slowly begins to decline. By canceling the automatic dimming of the display, you can significantly reduce battery life. This function on my MacBook Pro doesn’t bother me much, so I don’t see any sense in it.

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