Keyboard backlighting of the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is certainly a very useful thing in everyday use of a laptop, especially for those who work a lot with text. Experienced owners of Apple laptops know this firsthand. However, not always everything works as it should.

First, do not panic ahead of time. Keyboard backlight blocking can be caused by a Mac OS software feature specifically made to save power and optimize computer battery life.

If the keyboard backlight on your MacBook does not work for you, and the brightness control buttons are also not active, try holding your finger to the light sensor (it is to the left of the iSight camera) while working and adjust the backlight intensity again.

How to Fix Keyboard Illumination Locked?

If everything worked, it means that you have enabled energy saving mode, in which, if the sensor captures a large amount of external light, the keyboard backlight and the ability to adjust it are blocked. Accordingly, the keyboard backlight works as it should, and you should not worry about it.

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Illumination of the MacBook Keyboard still does not work?

If the steps described above did not lead to the desired result, then, in this case, you will most likely have to bring your MacBook to the service for diagnosing the device.

The reasons why the backlight of the MacBook keys does not work or does not turn on may be different:

  • Malfunction of the backlight or keyboard itself;
  • Light Sensor Malfunction;
  • Software errors or the need to update the system.

In any case, if the Mac keyboard backlight (whether MacBook Pro or MacBook Air) does not work and you cannot turn it on using standard methods, you should diagnose the device, find out the exact cause of this problem and correct it qualitatively.


I came across this problem and for the first time I honestly don’t know what to do and was beginning to think that the backlight was not working. I picked up my MacBook Pro and sat on the sofa. The backlight of the keyboard was turned off in the evening, so as not to interfere when watching a movie.

How to Fix Keyboard Illumination Locked?

Out of habit, I quickly clicked on the F6 several times and got into the mail, but the keyboard remained dark. Again clicked on the F6 – nothing. F5, F6 – again dark and the strangest thing is that the power indicator has changed. I have not seen this yet. As it turned out, a smart Mac turns off the keyboard backlight and does not allow it to turn on with sufficient light. If you cover the light sensor or go into a darker room, the backlight comes to life and it can be adjusted.

In my case, the daylight was on the MacBook from behind the backlights and therefore the backlight automatically turned off. As soon as I turned around to face the window and deploy the poppy, the keyboard was immediately highlighted.

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