Probably after upgrading to iOS 13, you notice that your iPhone battery draining fast. Without panic, you are not paranoid, it really is! In this article, we will focus on the most unexpected feature – extending the iPhone’s battery drain life, similar to how Tesla does it in its electric vehicles to increase their reliability.

What does Battery Charging Optimization do in iOS 13?

It should be noted right away – this is an experiment of developers. Apple, like other electronics manufacturers, is well aware that discharging lithium batteries up to 0% and charging up to 100% is inefficient and even disastrous for a battery. It is difficult for users to independently follow the tips and recommendations of proper charging, so the engineers thought, why not help them automate such control?

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With the release of iOS 13, the task was set to get the battery with the most care. This is a component of an electronic gadget that is dangerous for a person and his environment at the moment. The chemical reaction is unpredictable, the device ignites during improper use from the first day after purchase. And now Apple has tried to reduce the risks.

How to Fix iOS 13 Battery Issues?

How iOS 13 Battery Charging Optimization Works?

The Goal is to Extend Battery Life

As in Tesla cars, where the battery lasts up to 10 years, developers on the iPhone and iPod seek to reduce the aging rate of the battery.

“Rule 40/80”

Engineers of the company took as a rule a discharge of at least 40% and a charge of not more than 80%.

Machine Learning

Using machine learning, iOS 13 determines during the entire time you use your device charging habits (time of day, frequency of connection to the adapter, type of charging, how long it takes to charge).

80% Charge Limit

The built-in algorithm does not allow the phone to charge above 80% until the time comes when you usually take it off the charge (for example, in the morning before work).

Fast Charge Up to 100%

iPhone and iPod will quickly get the remaining 20% ​​charge to 100% just in time for disconnecting from the outlet.

Function optional

If you need to prepare for a long trip or journey, the function is disabled in the settings – charge your phone or player without restrictions.

Really Works

The “40/80 charging rule” is truly effective for lithium batteries that have not received any significant development for more than 30 years, while other technologies are inexorably improved.

Can I Turn Off Battery Optimization in iOS 13 Battery Drain?

Yes, you can – this is done in several steps:

  • Go to Settings -> Battery section;
How to Fix iOS 13 Battery Issues?
  • Select Battery Status;
How to Fix iOS 13 Battery Issues?
  • After the items “Maximum capacity” and “Peak performance” you will see the option “Optimised Battery Charging” – by default it is enabled;
How to Fix iOS 13 Battery Issues?
  • Press the switch and select one of three options: “Turn off until tomorrow”, “Turn off” or “Cancel”.


The developer’s documents mention an extended collection of data on battery usage in the company’s smartphones, tablets and players. So the brand is highly thought about the autonomy of its devices. We talked about plans for the future in full detail here and before. And so they come true.

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