The main innovation of the 2016 MacBook Pro that distinguishes it from other Apple computers and competitors is the Touch Bar, which dynamically changes depending on which application is open at a particular point in time or system events. Touch Bar is responsible for the operation of a separate processor and its own operating system based on the WatchOS core for Apple Watch.

If you put aside the very need for Touch Bar, then we can confidently say that Apple’s first implementation of the touch panel was successful. The list of numerous problems of the new MacBook Pro never listed problems associated with the Touch Bar. It works stably, reliably and performs the functions that Apple assigned to it, as it should.

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However, any computers and programs tend to freeze and work incorrectly. You need to be prepared for this, so you should know how to behave in such cases. If the Touch Bar does not work correctly, you must manually initiate its reboot.

Two Ways to Restart Apple Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

There are two ways to do this.

Method 1: Using the Standard Activity Monitor Utility

  • Enter “Activity Monitor” in the Spotlight search or find the application in the list of installed ones;
How to Fix if Touch Bar not Working on you MacBook Pro?
  • Find the “Touch Bar agent” process by searching or in the list;
  • End it by double-clicking on it with the right button and selecting the Quit or Force Quit.
How to Fix if Touch Bar not Working on you MacBook Pro?

Method 2: Use the Command Line:

  • Enter “Terminal” in the Spotlight search or find the application in the list of installed ones;
  • Enter the command (use sudo if you need it):
pkill "Touch Bar agent"
  • Press the Enter key.


Sometimes the Touch Bar continues to work normally, but the control panel behaves incorrectly. For example, the icons do not change when you configure it or empty spaces appear. These concepts should be divided: Touch Bar – the entire touch strip above the keyboard, and the control panel – its part, which is responsible for regulating system settings (sound, brightness, music playback). In this case, you can not restart the entire Touch Bar, but restart the process that is specifically responsible for the control panel. To do this, enter the command in the terminal (use sudo if you need it):

killall "ControlStrip"

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