One of the mistakes Mac users sometimes encounter is “The Application is no longer open.” Most often, it occurs when working with such applications Preview, Discord, Spotify and many others and they are not open anymore or not responding. In essence, this is a similarity to the message “Application is not responding” on Windows. Why does an error occur, and how to get rid of it?

This message appears if the application is running, but does not respond to user requests, while it remains in the system dock. The operating system itself believes that since the program does not respond, it means that it does not work (which is logical), despite the fact that the application is running.

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How to Fix Application is not Opening Anymore?

In this case, possible solutions to the problem next. The simplest thing is to force the program to terminate, which is obvious.

However, sometimes the application refuses to shut down, so you have to use the second method:

  • We open Activity Monitor;
How to Fix if the “Application is Not Open Anymore” on Mac?
  • In the CPU section we find the process with the name of our application;
  • Force Close this process with the right-click mouse button.
How to Fix if the “Application is Not Open Anymore” on Mac?


If this still did not help, and the computer itself crashed “tightly”, there is only one way out – forcibly restarting the Mac.

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