As in any other browser, errors may occur in mobile Safari, due to which previously successful sites stop opening. In this manual, we talked about three main ways to correct such errors.

Note: before you start looking for a solution to a problem, make sure that the problem site really works. The site you need may simply not work at a particular time, or be blocked by your provider.

Reset Saved Data in Safari

In some cases, the site may not open or display incorrectly due to an internal Safari browser error. In such cases, clearing the history and data of the browser sites helps:

  • Go to the Settings -> Safari;
  • Click “Clear site history and data”;
  • Confirm cleaning.

It is important to note that when you clear, your browsing history, cookies, and other browsing data will be deleted.

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Open a Site Without Using an Ad Blocker

Many iPhone and iPad or Mac users use ads blockers and other inappropriate content on Safari on their devices. And precisely because of them, some sites sometimes do not open, showing only a white page. Fortunately, in this case you do not need to completely disable the ad blocker for all sites:

  • Launch Safari and go to a page that does not appear due to ad blocker;
  • Hold the page refresh icon;
  • In the menu that opens, select the “Restart without blocking content” option.
How to Fix if Safari Can't Find the Server or Open Web Page?

Done! If the problem with the inability to display the page was precisely in the ad blocker, then the site will open successfully.

Problems with DNS

Including on the Mac or iPhone it happens that a DNS server crashes and for this reason Safari can’t find the server. In this case, you need to go into the DNS server settings on your iPhone or iPad and change them to the DNS server addresses that Google uses: or For iPhone or iPad do next:

  • Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi;
  • Tap on (i) icon near your Network’s name;
How to Fix if Safari Can't Find the Server or Open Web Page?
  • Next choose “Configure DNS”;
How to Fix if Safari Can't Find the Server or Open Web Page?
  • Activate Manual mode, and “Add Server” with address or;
How to Fix if Safari Can't Find the Server or Open Web Page?
  • Save changes.


These solutions are generally relevant for both mobile and desktop versions of Safari.

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