When you do not create a backup copy of iPhone in iTunes or iCloud, the device gives a number of errors: “Failed to create a backup copy”, “Error in creation …”, etc. This makes it impossible to continue the operation, but there are a number of ways to deal with the problem. In this article we will discuss the most common problems that arise when creating backup copies of our iOS devices.


Before considering solutions to a problem, users need to explore why they often cannot backup the iPhone:

  • Outdated version of iTunes;
  • Out of free space;
  • Malfunction of the cable connected from the device to the PC;
  • Unstable internet connection, lack of necessary speed or traffic;
  • Previously executed backup was interrupted, and iTunes does not allow you to continue the operation, since there are already other similar files.

Problems in the machine itself. In most cases, it is enough to reboot the system, but in case of a repeated error, you should pay attention to other causes and make a diagnosis.

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iPhone could not be Synced Because the Connection to the iPhone was Reset

iTunes could not backup the iPhone because the iPhone disconnected. So, how to understand why the operation cannot be performed?

Connect the device to the PC or Mac and see if it is displayed in iTunes. If this does not happen, there is a high probability of software problems or the cable is damaged;

How to Fix if iTunes could not Backup the iPhone?

If there are several computers or a MAC, you can try the procedure through them when it cannot be done on one PC. If on others everything turns out, then the problem is not in iPhone. When the device reports that the copy is damaged, it is advisable to contact the Apple Service Center, since self-recovery of files can lead to additional errors and loss of information.

How to Fix if iTunes could not Backup the iPhone?


Errors when creating a backup on the iPhone through the program – a common problem. To solve it, there are several proven methods that will surely help you troubleshoot in a matter of minutes, while the iPhone owner does not need a lot of knowledge about the device and the software – just follow the instructions.

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