Problems associated with the inability of the iPhone or iPad to connect to Wi-Fi, the owners of Apple mobile devices occur quite often and, what is most sad, just as often, these problems remain for users. In this manual, I described the most effective ways to restore Wi-Fi on iPhone and iPad.

Check the Password is Correct

Let’s start with the simplest, but nevertheless, one of the most common reasons for which the iPhone or iPad does not connect to Wi-Fi. Yes, it is often the wrong password that is entered prevents your device from connecting to the wireless network.

There are no intricacies when checking the correctness of the entered password – you just have to enter the code word with maximum accuracy and case sensitive. It will not be superfluous to check the correctness of the password on another device. If another smartphone or tablet quietly connects to the desired Wi-Fi network using the password you specify, then you are not mistaken when typing and the problem lurks somewhere else.

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Force Reboot

Another simple way to restore Wi-Fi is to perform a forced reboot. Just hold the Home and Power buttons together and hold them until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

How to Fix if iPhone Wi-Fi Won’t Turn On?

If after restarting Wi-Fi still does not work, go to more radical methods of solving the problem.

Try to Connect to the Network Again

This method helps in most cases when the iPhone or iPad does not connect to the already known Wi-Fi network. Its meaning is that you must first forget the wireless network, and then reconnect to it. This is done as follows:

  • Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi;
  • Select the problem wireless network;
  • Click the button “Forget this network”.

Reset Network Settings

If the previous method did not help, then it’s time to move on to heavy artillery. The last way to restore Wi-Fi operation is to reset the network settings, which is performed as follows:

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Reset;
  • Select “Reset Network Settings”;
How to Fix if iPhone Wi-Fi Won’t Turn On?
  • Confirm the execution of the action by clicking “Reset”.


If the wireless module fails, an iPhone or iPad will signal a problem to you, showing a gray Wi-Fi icon. Seeing such an icon you will not be able to solve the problem with high probability. The way out is a trip to the service center, where specialists will find out the cause of the breakdown and, if necessary, replace the inoperative wireless network module.

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