“My iPhone wont turn on past the Apple Logo” – you can hear it from any iPhone or iPad user encountered a problem when their device freezes on the apple logo. This rarely happens, but it does happen sometimes. Usually this trouble is encountered after an iOS update or a system crash. iPhone stuck on Apple logo. Screen on a black background, the Apple logo is hold and nothing happens. Naturally, using the phone is impossible. Let’s figure out how to be in such a situation.

Most often this happens as a result of an unsuccessful phone update, but there are many other reasons, such as these:

  • Problems with software updates;
  • Problems due to Jailbreak or any tweaks;
  • You are using a beta version of iOS;
  • Malfunction of internal components.

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Let’s focus on a few effective solutions that will help solve this problem for several reasons. Of course, we start with the simplest methods and smoothly move on to more complex and efficient ones.

Force Reboot your iPhone

A simple forced reboot of the phone helps in most cases. The device repeats the boot process from scratch. 

If you have an iPhone 7 or other newer device with iOS:

  • Hold down the “Volume Down” + “Power” buttons;
  • Hold them until the smartphone restarts.
How to Fix if iPhone Stuck on Startup Screen?

If you have an older device, such as the iPhone 6S, then do the following:

  • Press and simultaneously hold the physical buttons Home button and Power;
  • Wait until the reboot begins;
  • Release these buttons.
How to Fix if iPhone Stuck on Startup Screen?

Did not help? After the restart, is the iPhone still hanging on the apple? In this case, move on.

Try Updating your iPhone through Recovery Mode

The next thing we offer to try is to force the phone to be updated through recovery. Thus, you will try to reinstall the iOS operating system without erasing your data. If you have any problems after updating Athos, then this method will help you. If the device fails, that is, there are hardware problems, then nothing will change.

To do this, you need a computer, the original Lightning cable and the installed iTunes application. It is available on all Macs, but if you have Windows, then install it manually by first downloading iTunes from the official Apple website. Open iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone 7 via USB. Put your smartphone in recovery mode by following these steps:

  • If you have an iPhone 7, then press the power button and “Volume Down”;
  • Hold them until iTunes reports that the connected device is in recovery mode;
  • If you have an older device, then press and hold the power and Home buttons until you see a message on the computer screen that the iPhone is in recovery mode;
How to Fix if iPhone Stuck on Startup Screen?
  • In iTunes, select “Update”;
  • After that, the iPhone will begin installing iOS;
  • If at the end nothing changes, then in this case, try to click the “Restore” button, but as a result, the data on the phone will be lost;
How to Fix if iPhone Stuck on Startup Screen?
  • Before you begin, make sure that you have a backup in the cloud.

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