It happens to each of us. Alas. Now you have to live with it – and solve the problem. If you just broke the screen, a qualified service will help you. Call, write, they will help you. No need to pull this problem. Every time my iPhone 6S falls to the floor, I thank myself out loud for purchasing a branded leather case. And I’m not so much afraid of the fact as the consequences of the fall.

iPhone Screen Repair

Once a broken screen becomes the cause of a dozen related problems, with which the iPhone is gradually turning into a patched, time-tortured phone.

This is what happens after you drop your iPhone. Know what awaits you next if you refuse to repair:

Glass will Continue to Crack and Crumble

If the panel is badly damaged, over time pieces of glass will start to fall out. They will remain in your pocket, on your face when making calls. You can cut yourself corny. Where it got enough sleep, the display matrix is ​​exposed.

Damaged Module Disrupts Smartphone Leak

But do not be surprised if in a couple of weeks you begin to find dust between the glass and the display. Black dots appear in the pictures from the rear camera – and then the dust itself becomes visible through the glass. How does it infuriate: there is no way to remove and erase it yourself. Now, from the side of the chip, any drop of liquid will cause serious damage to all the inside of the smartphone.

Camera, Vibration Motor, Charging May Damage

Each time a shock wave is passed through the metal case of the iPhone and all its contents, you will not notice it. It goes through every chip, module, connection cable and track on the board – especially if the case is not protected by a cover that absorbs part of the shock energy.

How Much will iPhone Glass Repair Cost?

Try not to pull better. If the screen is broken, it is better to repair it as soon as possible. There is less chance that any other components will fail.

Here is the average cost of work from Apple Service:

How to Fix if iPhone Screen is Broken?

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iPhone Screen Repair “Near Me” or DIY

Yes, this is an interesting question, but remember, there is only one Official Service, other services using the doubtful components.

I highly recommend getting into an Apple authorized service center, and if you have an additional insurance in the form of AppleCare, then here is just an uncompromising solution.

In DIY case, that means “do it yourself” I can admit, that playing with a screwdriver with a sophisticated smartphone for a thousand dollars is at least silly if you do not have special training and education. But even this is not the main reason…

Firstly, you may come across a bad display module. You will not buy 2-3 different modules to find the best? With terrible color reproduction, low viewing angle, flicker or too high contrast.

It’s extremely difficult to get a quality module without good connections. At 99%, when you buy the module from an Apple service, you are guaranteed to be sold “bullshit” under the guise of “original”. Good services always have many modules, and they put only the best.

Secondly, in the process of analysis, you can aggravate the situation. Do you know that when replacing a cracked screen, you need to shake out or manually remove even microscopic glass dust? I’m sure that you won’t damage a very sensitive Touch ID loop, and then if you damage the button, you can forget about the convenient Touch ID forever?

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