Safari, Camera, FaceTime, and the App Store and other System apps cannot be removed or hidden from iPhone and iPad in the standard way. But they can be blocked with restrictions, which users sometimes do by accident. In this article we told about how to restore access to Camera on iPhone and iPad.

iPhone Camera Icon Missing – Are you Sure?

Before you go into the Settings, go over the main screen – there is a small chance that the application icon, which is responsible for taking photos and videos, can be in one of the folders – getting it out will have no difficulty. Have you looked? Not found? Is the camera still missing? OK, then we read the solution below.

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iPhone Camera Icon Missing – What to Do?

As you understand, such rather difficult tasks are solved in the settings, and we follow them there:

  • Go to Settings -> Screen Time;
How to Fix if iPhone Camera App Disappeared?
  • Enter a password that was previously set to restrictions;
How to Fix if iPhone Camera App Disappeared?
  • Next directory Allowed Apps;
How to Fix if iPhone Camera App Disappeared?
  • In the restrictions management menu, you can see which applications on the device have been banned. In order to return them to the main screen, it is enough to turn off the switches to the active position.
How to Fix if iPhone Camera App Disappeared?


By the way, this method allows you to remove the camera from the lock screen, which will be useful to those who constantly turn it on when trying to unlock the device.

Please note that in the same settings on the iPhone you can disable:

  • Safari;
  • iTunes Store;
  • iBooks;
  • And much more, up to blocking the exit from your Apple ID account.

So if you accidentally deleted something else not only the camera icon iPhone, then you should study the settings more closely – perhaps the reason for the loss is precisely in the Restrictions.

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