Owners of the iPad Pro 2017 and 2018 release complain about buggy screens.

These models randomly twitch the image and do not register clicks on the touch screen. Standard remedial procedures, such as resetting to factory settings, do not help. But we will try to figure out how

Troubleshooting iPad Screen not Working 

This article describes what to do when problems arise with the display or if the touch screen does not respond to touch.

Compare the device’s display with one of the images below and see how to solve the problem.


If the entire or part of the display does not respond to touch, you may need to force a reboot. Follow the steps in this article for force restart your iPad: How to Force Restart iPad Pro 2018?

iPad not Responding to Touch

Let’s start with the general preparation of the device, which will help to eliminate some standard points, because of which the touch screen behaves in such an incomprehensible way:

  • Restart your device;
  • Make sure the device’s screen is clean and free of dirt or water droplets;
  • Disconnect your Lightning or USB-C accessories;
  • Remove the case and the protective film.

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Free Apple Repair

If you see a similar crash on your iPad, do not rush to the store and demand a replacement. Try to backup, and then roll back the tablet to the factory settings. After that, return all the data to the device and observe its operation. If the effect of fading does not disappear, make an appointment at the nearest service center in your city. You can find their list on the official Apple website.

How to Fix if iPad Pro Touch Screen not Working?


Many users were able to change their iPad Pro under warranty, but this often did not correct the situation.

It is unclear what these malfunctions are associated with: firmware or the displays themselves. Some owners claim that the screen stops glitching when Apple Pencil 2 is connected to the tablet.

One way or another, if you have such iPad Touch Screen Problems, you should contact your nearest authorized Apple service center and request a replacement.

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