One of the biggest changes in iOS 10 was the addition of stickers, large emojis, effects, and painting tools to iMessage. These are completely new features that allow you to more clearly express your emotions and arrange interactive chats with friends. You can send effects for messages only through iMessage.

These effects allow you to change the appearance of pop-up message boxes. In addition, when sending messages, you can add full-screen animations. But for some reason, these effects do not work on an iPhone or iPad. In this article we will understand what is the cause of this problem.

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How to Use iMessage Effects the Correct Way?

Using effects for pop-ups, you can make these windows dynamic using different expressions. To send a message containing this effect, follow these steps:

  • In order to access the effects, I recommend updating your device to the latest version, if you have not already done so;
  • Go to the application Settings -> General -> Accessibility;
How to Fix if iMessage Screen Effects not Working?
  • In the menu, select and click on the option Reduce Motion.
How to Fix if iMessage Screen Effects not Working?
  • Make sure the toggle switch is in the off position.
How to Fix if iMessage Screen Effects not Working?

Now animated effects and stickers will be available to you, regardless of whether parallax is enabled or not.


These were all tips to help solve the problem of sending and receiving effects, animations iMessage. If your friends also do not have iMessage effects, then they need to do the same steps. In addition, make sure everyone has the latest version of iOS.

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