Surely every iPhone owner at least once wondered why the battery level indicator turns yellow from time to time. The answer is very simple – the yellow indicator means that the device is operating in power saving mode. What is it and how to return the usual charge indicator?

What does Yellow Battery Mean on iPhone?

Yellow battery bar mean that your phone is in Power Saving Mode is a useful feature in iOS that allows you to extend battery life. When the battery is low (from 20% and below), it automatically suggests changing some settings in order to reduce power consumption. This mode significantly extends battery life, as indicated by the yellow color of the indicator.

Users wishing to extend the operating time of their gadget can turn on the feature themselves when they wish. However, iOS offers to activate power saving mode when the battery charge drops below 20%.

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In this case, the indicator turns yellow, causing some to be confused. When connected to a power source, the mode remains active until the battery level reaches 80%, after which it automatically turns off. In case the function was activated manually (after 80%), it remains on even with a fully charged battery.

How to Enable or Disable the Power Saving Mode

You can activate or deactivate the function and get rid of the yellow icon in several ways:

  • You can put the iPhone on charge and wait until the battery level reaches at least 80%. In this case, the mode will turn off automatically, and the indicator will turn green again;
How to Fix if Battery is Yellow on your iPhone?
  • Starting with iOS 11, it became possible to add a convenient Power Save Mode switch to the Control Center.
How to Fix if Battery is Yellow on your iPhone?


Remember that the power saving mode significantly prolongs the battery life, and if you don’t mind giving up on basic performance and some features, it will allow you to use your iPhone much longer. In addition, this mode is the only effective way to increase the battery life of devices running iOS 9 and later.

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