Some Mac users do not like FaceTime to start automatically. Sometimes this happens after every boot or reboot of the computer.

Sometimes the reason is that you did not close FaceTime before rebooting, and sometimes a bug or a problem with the FaceTime plist file is to blame. In the second case, the problem can be solved, and below I will describe how.

Disable FaceTime Autorun on Mac

  • Close FaceTime if it is running on Mac now;
  • Open Finder and press Command + Shift + G;
How to Fix FaceTime Autorun on Mac?
  • Then paste in the following address:
  • Move the file “” to another folder (any);
  • Restart your computer as usual.

The problem with FaceTime autorun on Mac should be resolved. The next time you start FaceTime, you may need to reconfigure some options.

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How to Disable FaceTime Autostart on Incoming Calls

You can also turn off the autorun program for incoming calls by turning off FaceTime:

  • The easiest way is to select FaceTime in the menu bar;
  • Then Turn Off FaceTime.
How to Fix FaceTime Autorun on Mac?

Now the program will not start automatically, even when you receive an incoming call.


You can enable the Do Not Disturb mode in Notification Center, and FaceTime will not start on incoming calls either. However, you will also not hear sounds and receive notifications on your Mac.

How to Fix FaceTime Autorun on Mac?

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