Among many users of Mac computers, the problem is known when the mouse cursor suddenly disappears right while working on the computer. Numerous movements on the trackpad MacBook or Magic Mouse do not solve this bug, so its most common solution is to restart. But it is not always the best.

Fix Mouse Cursor Disappears on Mac

Most often, the cursor disappears due to a lack of RAM and a heavy CPU load. Simply put, the computer simply can not cope with the load that it charge. In this case, restarting the computer is unprofitable, because it will have to suspend the entire workflow. Therefore, today I suggest that you familiarize yourself with some alternative ways out of this situation.

First try the key combination Command + Tab. It would be best if you use it to switch to another running application or to the same Finder. After that, you can return to the program in which you worked.

How to Fix a Disappearing Mouse Cursor in macOS?

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Secondary, if previous method still did not help, it is time to bring up the menu for the forced termination of applications – for this, simultaneously press Command + Option (Alt) + Escape. However, you probably won’t need to close any program. Switch back to your app, and the cursor should appear.

How to Fix a Disappearing Mouse Cursor in macOS?

In addition, you can experiment with the size of the cursor:

  • Go to the System Preferences -> Accessibility;
How to Fix a Disappearing Mouse Cursor in macOS?
  • Enter Display section;
  • Just move the slider in different directions or put on “Shake mouse pointer to locate”;
How to Fix a Disappearing Mouse Cursor in macOS?

Mouse Cursor Keeps Disappearing on Mac

It sometimes happens that the problem does not disappear even after carrying out all the above operations. It only remains to close the application where it first showed up using the Command + Q combination.


As you can see, to return the prodigal cursor, you don’t need to immediately search for the Mac reload button. From my own experience I will say that the combination of the keys Command, Option and Escape most often helps.

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