You want to change some Settings on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, but you cannot find them. We all went through it. Fortunately, thanks to the built-in capabilities in the Settings App in iOS, you no longer have to guess where the necessary options are located. You can easily and quickly find them using the search. Just enter the name of the setting in the hidden search field.

It should be noted that these features are only available on iOS 9 or on a newer version of the operating system.

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How to Search for Settings in iOS?

  • Open the Settings app on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Then tap the settings screen and slide your finger down until the search field appears on top of this screen;
How to Find Settings Options on iPhone, iPad?
  • Enter the search parameters to find matches in the settings, and then select the appropriate result. You will instantly go to the selected part of the “Settings” application.
How to Find Settings Options on iPhone, iPad?

You may have noticed that the search results also contain the path to the settings, instead of the “Settings” application itself, which makes this feature even more useful, as it indicates their location.


System preferences in iPhone is very useful and we interact too much with this App. Since the number of additional functions in iOS settings will only increase, in the future, the search for settings will become even more popular.

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