When buying “used” iPhone , you can easily purchase a stolen device that is wanted by the police and will bring a lot of problems to the new owner. Therefore, before giving money, it is important to find out how to check the stolen iPhone or not. Now that Apple has blocked the site from detecting iPhone activation locks, users have to look for alternatives. But do not despair, because there is a proven service that allows you to check if the smartphone is stolen.

How to Tell if a iPhone is Stolen?

First of all, remember that honest sellers will not be nervous when asking questions and the above requests, therefore, with strange behavior caused by an ordinary question, you should be wary. “Forgot password”, “I don’t want to udisconnect my Apple ID account” and other excuses – these are clear signals that the phone is most likely not all right, including that it may be stolen.

Checking iPhone Serial Number for Stolen Status

You can use service is called Stolen Phone Checker. Go to the site and add – IMEI, MEID and ESN to the tab. Unfortunately, the service only works with U.S. consumers only.

How to Find out if a iPhone is Stolen?

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How to Find iPhone IMEI?

In order to check iPhone by IMEI, you need to find out its serial number. To do this, you can find IMEI in iPhone menu: Settings -> General -> About.

How to Find out if a iPhone is Stolen?

You can also find out the serial number by dialing the combination *#06# and the Ball button. Within a few seconds, a message appears on the smartphone screen with the required information.

How to Find out if a iPhone is Stolen?


If you want to buy an Apple phone, it is important to know how to check your iPhone for theft. This is done in several ways, because the owner is able to lock the device remotely. Therefore, a complete reset of the phone is required before making a purchasing decision.

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