If your Mac has run out of free space, then it’s time to clean the hard drive. There are many utilities that can find the largest files and folders so that you can delete them. Some of these utilities are paid, but the macOS user already has the necessary set of tools.

Finder Search

The easiest and, perhaps, the oldest way to find any file is to seek help from the Finder Explorer. To do this, open this application and in the search bar located in the upper right corner, enter the request of interest.

How to Find and Delete Large Files with Finder Search on Mac

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When it comes time to clean up the hard disk, a smart folder will quickly find large files. In its settings you should specify the filtering condition “Size – More than” and the allowable limit. Here is the instruction that you need to do to correctly filter files and folders:

  • Open Finder;
  • Click Command + F to run “Search mode”;
  • Click on “Kind” bar and choose “Other”;
How to Find Large Files in macOS?
  • Find “File Size” in the open list and add it;
How to Find Large Files in macOS?
  • Next select the first parameter is “File Size” option from the list;
  • Choose the second parameter choose “ is greater then”;
  • The third parameter could be the actual size of file you searching;
  • The final parameter is shown measurement (KB, MB, GB);
How to Find Large Files in macOS?
  • In the Finder tab, you can see the results of search in real-time mode.

If you want, you can save this configuration. All you need is just click “Save” and next time you will receive a valid filter that will automatically update the contents of the smart folder.


It remains only to decide what to do with the files found. It is also possible to search for files through the Terminal, but this method is rather geeky, and it requires certain skills that go beyond even an advanced Mac user.

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