When Apple introduced the new Find My app at WWDC 2019, little was given about the technology itself. Security experts immediately began to ask questions about the reliability of the technology, but Apple claims that the encryption system they developed protects data from everyone, even from the company itself.

How Find My, a New App for iOS and macOS, works?

In new versions of iOS and macOS, the FindMy function will broadcast Bluetooth signals between Apple devices, even when they are offline or in sleep mode, so the devices can find each other.

How to Find iPhone from Mac with New FindMy App?

If, for example, a thief hides your sleeping MacBook in a bag, you can monitor his location in real time. And, according to Apple, neither the company itself nor the criminal can intercept this Bluetooth signal.

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Each device distributes an ever-changing key, which nearby Apple devices use to download geolocation to iCloud. Only your other Apple device can decrypt and see this geolocation.

This approach does not allow anyone to get a history of your movements, even Apple itself. Previous versions of such a feature – Find My iPhone and Fine Friends – gave the company the opportunity to know your geolocation.

How to Enable “Find My Mac” On a Mac?

Here’s how you can turn on the FindMy feature on that computer:

  • Open System Preferences -> Apple ID -> iCloud;
  • Check the box beside “Find My Mac”.
How to Find iPhone from Mac with New Find My App?

How to Enable “Find My iPhone or iPad”?

Here’s how you can enable the Find My feature on iPhone or iPad:

  • Open the Settings;
  • Open your profile at the top of the screen;
  • Tap “Find My”;
How to Find iPhone from Mac with New Find My App?
  • Enable “Share My Location”.
How to Find iPhone from Mac with New Find My App?


Having done all of the above, you will greatly increase the chances of quickly finding a lost iOS device using the FindMy service.

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