Often, to configure TCP/IP or solve network problems, it is important to know the IP address of the router.

I offer you two ways to find this address. One – using the command line, the second – through the control panel.

How to Find Router’s IP via Terminal

To quickly find the IP address of the router to which you are connected, type the following on the command line:

netstat -rn | grep default

As a result, you will get something like this (the IP address is right next to the default):

default UGSc 108 0 en0

The netstat command works for both wired and wireless connections. The difference can be seen in the interface: usually it is “en0” or “en1” or “en0w2” if it is connected via Wi-Fi.

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Simple Way

For those who do not want to contact the command line, we’ll tell you another way to find out your IP via the control panel:

  • Click on the “Internet Connection” (Ethernet or Wi-FI) icon in the upper right corner. In the drop-down menu, select the “Open Network Preferences” section;
How to Find a Router IP Address in macOS?
  • In the left column, select Ethernet (wired connection) or Wi-Fi (wireless), depending on which network your Mac is connected to;
  • Click on “Advanced” in the lower right corner;
How to Find a Router IP Address in macOS?
  • Click on the “TCP/IP” tab and you will see your IP address right next to the word “Router”. This is the IP address of your router.
How to Find a Router IP Address in macOS?


For inexperienced users, it’s necessary to explain that the IP routers and IP of your Mac are not the same. The very first IP address on the network is at the access point; it usually ends in .1 or .100, then individual IP addresses begin to count. If you know the format of addresses on the network, and know the IP of your computer (for example,, then you can often guess the address of the router, most likely it may be

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