Safari on iPad has a convenient Split Screen View function that allows you to simultaneously view two sites on the screen at once. Turning Split Screen on iPad is pretty easy, but turning it off is harder. Many users cannot figure out how to remove the split screen on the iPad, but in fact it is also not too difficult.

In this article, I will show you how to disable the function in Safari on the iPad for a while or completely.

Turn Off Split Screen Safari View on iPad

If you have active Split Screen View, then you see in front of you two Safari tabs located next to each other. Here’s how to exit the mode:

  • Open the URL address bar in Safari by pulling the screen down to display the toolbar;
  • Hold the tabs icon, which looks like two rectangles stacked on top of each other;
  • In the menu that appears, select “Merge All Tabs”;
  • After that, normal mode will open with one Safari tab on the iPad screen;
  • You can also select the option “Close all windows” if you no longer need a browser. This will also disable Safari Split View.

This is the easiest way to exit Split Screen mode. However, there are other options.

How to Exit Split Screen Mode by Closing Tabs?

  • If you need to close Safari tabs immediately, this will also disable Split View;
  • In Safari, drag the screen down to open the toolbar;
  • Click on the small gray button (X) to close the tab.
How to Exit Split Screen on iPad?

Turn Off Split Screen

Unfortunately, there is still no way to completely remove split screen on iPad. Therefore, you can only exit the mode using the methods above, and then just not turn it on. Even if you turn off the multitasking features on the iPad, it will not affect the Safari Split View mode. The only option is simply not to use it. I hope we will get more comfortability and optionality for working with Split Screen with iPadOS release.

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