Why do I need an Assistive Touch, also it’s called virtual Home button? The function – one of Apple’s best practices for people with disabilities – allows you to quickly access specific applications and settings using gestures. In this article I will show you how to activate it.

Turn On the Virtual Home Button on the Screen of iPhone or iPad

This is useful when you are unable to use the physical buttons of the iPhone. For example, the lock button or the volume button are broken, and it will not work to fix the breakdown quickly. Here the way how you can enable this useful feature:

  • Open Settings -> General -> Accessibility;
How to Enable Virtual Home Button on iPhone or iPad?
  • We need the Assistive Touch function, to quickly find it, scroll the screen down;
How to Enable Virtual Home Button on iPhone or iPad?
  • Activate it.
How to Enable Virtual Home Button on iPhone or iPad?

After that, a square button with rounded corners and a white circle with diverging circles in the center will appear in the lower right corner of the iPhone or iPad display. This is the Assistive Touch. Now with it you can also control your gadget.

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If you have the Keyboard Shortcut function active, turning Assistive Touch on or off on any screen is done by triple pressing the physical Home button. Click speed can be configured on the Accessibility -> Home path.

How to Use Assistive Touch on iPhone and iPad?

  • Click on the Assistive Touch button;
How to Enable Virtual Home Button on iPhone or iPad?
  • You will see six icons – Notification Center, Device, Control Center, Home, Siri and User;
  • As you can easily guess, clicking on each of them launches the corresponding action – going to the notification center, control center, etc., simulating pressing the physical Home button, and so on.


By the way, evaluate how many useful things for people with disabilities Apple implements in their devices. Despite the specifics of the described function, it is suitable for ordinary users, and greatly facilitates the use of the device.

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