Users often get up one not very simple task – they need to insert a special character in the text, which cannot be typed using a standard keyboard. In this case, you can either find the desired character in the search engine by typing its description, or use a special keyboard with symbols.

Desktop Keyboard or “correct”: “On-Screen Keyboard” on Mac is used to enter characters in the query field, for example, the address bar of a window, a text document, etc.

There are rare cases when you urgently need to type something, and the keyboard is broken or not at all. The virtual keyboard will help us to solve this problem.

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By the way, such a keyboard is necessary not only because there is no main “manual” keyboard, it is also necessary sometimes for security purposes (there are malicious keyloggers on the Internet that are designed to track actions on a computer and transfer this data to a third party).

How to Open a Virtual Keyboard in macOS

Our purpose learn to find and open the program “On-Screen Keyboard”. How to cause such keyboard we will tell in this instruction:

  • Run the “System Preferences”;
  • Go to the “Keyboard” section;
  • In “Keyboard” section activate the switch “Show keyboard and emoji viewer in menu bar”;
How To Enable & Use The Virtual Keyboard In macOS
  • Open “Input Sources” section, and enable “Show input menu in menu bar”;
How To Enable & Use The Virtual Keyboard In macOS
  • In the top line, click on the button to switch the language and select “Show the Keyboard Viewer”;
How To Enable & Use The Virtual Keyboard In macOS
  • Now you can use virtual keyboard.
How To Enable & Use The Virtual Keyboard In macOS


In this simple way, you can insert any special characters into the text. As soon as the need for an on-screen keyboard disappears, you can turn it off by pressing the language button in the top row.

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