Do you want to take a great picture with your friends – and so that all the right people get into the frame, including yourself beloved? Nothing is simpler – just activate the countdown. How to do this on the iPhone, I will tell further.

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How to Make iPhone Photo with a Timer?

Despite the fact that the Self Timer function has been registered in the Camera system iOS application for a long time, many users do not even suspect its existence or do not know what its benefits are.

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I hasten to correct the annoying flaw – it’s worth it, the quality of your pictures will certainly improve! Instructions below:

  • Place your iPhone on a flat surface, stand, or tripod;
  • Launch the iPhone Camera app on your iOS device;
  • Touch the small stopwatch icon (located to the right of 4:3 ratio);
  • You can choose one of two options – 3 seconds or 10 seconds. The first option is suitable for the fastest possible shooting (you do not need to run far from the camera), the second – for those pictures when you need to run to friends, have time to take the right pose and make a grimace;
  • Press the shutter button;
How to Enable the Timer in the Camera App on the iPhone 11?
  • A countdown will begin. It’s time to run to friends!


The photos taken in this way are of higher quality, they turn out more sharper, more diverse and just funnier. If necessary, edit the result and send it to everyone who is dear to you.

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