Many user ask questions: “How to set up the right mouse button in macOS? What are multi-touch gestures?”. I will answer these questions in this article.


Beginning in 2008, Apple began to release computers with trackpads of the new sample. Although not much of a visible difference, they removed the visual button and made it “semi-sensory”, thereby increasing the active area of ​​the trackpad. But the functionality of the device itself has increased many times since Apple managed to introduce support for multitouch and the right mouse button familiar to all switchers.

The Trackpad of the new generation understands gestures up to 4 fingers, while the old generation – only 2 fingers (scroll). In addition, it is possible to note an improved coverage, it feels more pleasant to work, there is a newer version that presented later, but by and large they are not much different from the predecessors.

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How to Enable the Right-Click Button in macOS?

All trackpad settings: gestures, button assignments, scroll inversion are in System Preferences.So, to enable the right button you need:

  • In the upper left corner of the screen, click “Apple” menu ->  “System Preferences”;
  • Go to the “Trackpad” menu, as shown in the image below;
  • We will open the trackpad settings window;
  • In the right part we have to choose the action we want to set up, and in the left part in the video we will be shown how this action will be implemented with the help of a gesture;
  • Put a tick in the item “Imitation of the right button” and from the drop-down menu select which gesture will correspond to this function.

There are several options, you can try and choose the one that best suits you:

  • “Pressing with two fingers” is set by default. To call the context menu in macOS, you need to click on the object with two fingers;
  • “Clicking in the lower right corner” is a familiar way for all Windows users. To open the context menu, click in the lower right corner of the trackpad;
  • Pressing in the lower left corner is the same as “Pressing in the lower right corner” but for a left-handed person.


And at the end you want to add – do not forget about multi-touch gestures, they greatly facilitate the work with the computer, agree that life is too short to waste precious seconds on the function that can be done in millisecond.

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