iMac is a classic representative of an all-in-one computer, whose user from the box gets everything they need to get started right away. Over the years, the iMac market has undergone significant changes; the periphery that came with it also changed, but regardless of the model year, model or equipment, users of any iMac get a branded mouse and keyboard from Apple.

Of course, iMac can work with any third-party peripherals, but it is the branded input devices that allow you to realize the full potential of macOS.

Today we will consider the case when the Num Lock section does not work, when the Mac keyboard is connected, and also I will tell you about how to solve them.

Separately, I want to note that the keyboard in right bar may not work for many, including hardware reasons. If the problem is in the motherboard or, for example, the Bluetooth module, then it may require more complex repair of the iMac than simply restoring the settings or “resetting the pair”, but any problem can be solved, everything in order.

Remnants of the Past Era

On some laptops, including older Macs, Apple keyboard Number Lock had a different function. There he turned part of the keyboard into a pseudo-trackpad. The buttons U, I, O, P, J, K, l, semicolon, M, period and slash (slash) were assigned to this role. Num Lock was activated on such computers by pressing the F6 button. Apple stopped supporting Num Lock on the F6 in 2008.

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Where is the Num Lock key?

If you look at your keyboard, then on Nam Lok Pade, above the number “7” there is a “Clear” key, this is an analogue of the Num Lokc key.

How to Enable Num Lock on Mac?

What to do if Num Lock Does not Work?

Apple, in fairness, has not forgotten about this feature since the time of IBM at all. Now it is available as Accessibility settings called Control Keys (called up by pressing Option (Alt) + Command (⌘) + F5):

  • It can also be activated via the “System Preferences” -> “ Accessibility ” -> “Mouse & Trackpad” path;
How to Enable Num Lock on Mac?
  • Click on “Enable Mouse Keys”;
How to Enable Num Lock on Mac?
  • As a result, the numbers on the keyboard with a digital unit become “arrows”. To “click” with such a “mouse”, press the number 5 to press and hold, press 0, to release, press the point.


The Num Lock key was the product of an “past” era, when mechanical and numeric keys peacefully coexisted with each other. On some IBM computers there were no arrow keys, but there was a separate digital block for quick input of numbers. Over time, IBM figured out how to combine these two functions. The Num Lock button blocked a set of numbers and turned the “digital” keys into “arrows”. With their help, it was possible to move the cursor on the screens of computers that did not know the mouse yet.

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  1. But the green LED light on the ‘num lock’ key still does not work (Apple Pro keyboard)

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