Those who have recently purchased an iPhone may have questions regarding the screen rotation settings. Screen lock is relevant when watching videos, photos and videos from the same YouTube because of the convenience and the increased image format.

Many users before buying an iPhone and iPhone Plus do not see the differences in these devices except the display size and the presence of a number of hardware improvements. But is this really the case?

I considered the same until I found the function of turning the main screen on iPhone 6 Plus. In fact, iPhone Plus easily turns into a phablet at a time when there is no such function on the smaller model. Trifle but nice! Let’s see how to enable this handy feature on your iPhone Plus.

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Rotate Home Screen on iPhone Plus

How to Enable iPhone Home Screen Rotate?

In iPhones with the prefix “Plus”, the home screen rotation is locked in the same way. However, over these models, the developers have tried separately, adding a “landscape mode” – an iPhone option, when, when rotated, all icons are rearranged to match the current screen position.

There may be a situation when the icons are not rebuilt, the reason for this is usually an increased scale, which can be turned off as follows:

  • First check you Orientation Switch in Control center;
How to Enable iPhone Home Screen Rotate?
  • Next go to the Settings -> Display and Brightness menu;
How to Enable iPhone Home Screen Rotate?
  • Where you need to select the “View – Standard” section;
How to Enable iPhone Home Screen Rotate?
  • Select Landscape mode.


That alone makes a very strong argument for picking iPhone Plus. Thanks to this feature you can without problems turn your iPhone in “micro iPad”.

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