A distinctive feature of the Safari browser is the lack of page icons on user open tabs. To some this may not seem too convenient, since when you open many pages, finding the right one by the color label is easier than by its name.

However, everything changed in 2018 – starting with macOS Mojave and iOS 12, this option has finally appeared.

To begin with, it is worth noting that the favicon, despite its modest size, is a very important element of the page in a web browser. Why? If your browser has a lot of tabs open, it’s much easier to find the one you need by the color favicon logo in the left corner, and not by the pair of letters from the name of the web page.

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How to Enable Favicon Support in Safari Browser on macOS?

This function only works on macOS Mojave and newer:

  • Launch the Safari browser;
  • In the menu bar select Safari -> Settings -> Tabs;
  • Select the box “Show website icons tabs”.
How to Enable Favicon Support in Safari Browser?


This feature affects the iPhone to a lesser extent – due to the small display and design of iOS there are no tabs in their “macOS-like” on smartphones, and the favicon will not help much with managing them. But on the iPad and Mac computers, where there are more diagonals, tabs really need favicons – especially when there are really a lot of them, which is not uncommon today.

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